Leadership Strategy

Defines the leadership performance needed to achieve the organisation’s goals, and advises on talent and leadership development strategies


When the organisation lacks clarity about the nature of the leadership needed to maximise performance leadership development will always punch below its weight.  Leadership strategy identifies the critical leader groups, probes their reality and challenges, defines the capabilities they need, and builds development systems that enable leaders at all levels to learn to lead.  MJA answers the question, “leadership to do what” and transforms this insight into powerful developmental strategies and solutions.


MJA interviewed 70 senior leaders across the top of a large financial services company and the analysis helped the organisation see that their leadership challenge was as much about changing mindset as it was building skill – the developmental task for senior executives to collaborate as enterprise leaders, not just manage their business units and functions in isolation.

MJA acted as adviser during the merger of two large financial services companies.  The leadership strategy proposed a programme of interventions designed to support cultural integration of the two legacy organisations and build executive capacity to achieve results in an organisation of much greater scale and complexity.


  • Conducting surveys and interviews of key leadership groups to assess strengths and gaps in capability and performance
  • Building compelling business cases which link leadership development to the organisation's strategic drivers
  • Creating leadership values, capability and behaviour frameworks
  • Building a coherent leadership and talent development system for the organisation
  • Providing new thinking and external perspectives to support leadership strategy development
  • Measuring the bottom-line impact of new or existing leadership development programmes