Team Leadership

Helps teams and their leaders define their shared performance challenge, to figure out what kind of leadership action is required, and to assess their readiness to lead


Developing leadership in teams is not team building.  MJA works with teams to help them define their leadership challenge, understand what shifts in personal and collective capability are required to achieve stronger results, and to chart a way forward.  The process of diagnosis and facilitation defines the team’s current performance, creates alignment and commitment, and opens up new possibilities for shared leadership.


MJA was asked to help the leader of a regional team in a Pharmaceutical company understand why they had fallen from the top of the sales league to the bottom.  The investigation, sharing of results, and facilitated meetings that followed led to a breakthrough in relationships within the team and an upswing in the region’s sales results.

MJA coached the CEO of a Consumer Finance business and facilitated a series of meetings with his senior management team to help them define a shared vision and values.  He created an environment in which it was possible for the team to engage in a series of difficult conversations about what was holding the team back, and what it would take to climb to new levels of organisational performance.


  • Gathering data and presenting findings on the root causes of the team’s performance and effectiveness
  • Facilitating meetings where the team can think together about their performance challenges and the leadership needed to resolve them
  • Creating strategies to improve the team's purpose, performance, relationships, communication and learning
  • Providing on-going developmental support and coaching to teams and their leaders