Workplace Leadership

Builds career pathways that develop leaders in the workplace, integrating self awareness, leadership actions and reflection-on-experience


All jobs are fertile learning ground for leadership development.  Workplace leadership development identifies the experiences that build the capabilities, values and perspectives needed at the next level of leadership.  Self-insight, personal development planning and role sculpting begins a process of learning from experience in the current job.   Supported transition into new roles increases the individual’s return on experience when the learning curve is steepest.


In response to pressures to customise development to the specific needs of high potentials MJA created a development pathways process which identified the experiences the individual needed to add to their repertoire in order to continue developing personally and professionally.  The process has been successfully rolled out in India, China, Spain, Southern Africa and the UK.

Recognising that every year 25% of their managers changed roles and a large number derailed or seriously underperformed MJA was asked by an O&G major to examine the nature of the transition experienced by new group managers and to design a framework to support them through significant leadership transitions in a way that managed personal and business risk and increased the likelihood of success in the role.


  • Designing and facilitating self-awareness and development planning processes for high potentials
  • Defining experience road maps which grow current and future leaders
  • Helping individuals and their managers sculpt roles to include real leadership development opportunities in the current job
  • Uncovering the nature of critical transitions and providing frameworks and processes which support the leader before, during and after their transition
  • Providing leaders with a facility to observe and reflect on their experience
  • Facilitating the accreditation of work-based learning (with Middlesex University)