Who We Are

MJA has been developing leaders, teams and organisations since 2004.

We believe leadership and learning are social processes, and that people collaborating together, in-person or at a distance, formally or informally, is the foundation of next-generation organisations.

Whether we are designing leadership development experiences, nurturing Communities of Practice, or facilitating the performance of teams and networks, our starting point is always how to maximise the value that people create together.

MJA is a team of teams.  We draw from an extensive global network of partners with unique expertise in collaborative leadership, learning and organisation.

"Mark's design approach; the questioning he drives; and his facilitative approach to bring together all stakeholders across the design team and company, were key in moving the programme forward directionally, to meet the business requirements. Secondly, Mark has a talent for understanding and navigating our complex stakeholder environment; and a lovely manner in building relationships and partnerships across different cultures, from emerging leaders, via diverse contributors and faculty, through to senior leadership. Finally, Mark is flexible, pragmatic and kind - an absolute pleasure to both work with and know."
Senior Manager, Group Talent, Prudential Plc