Team of Teams

Although teams are still the building block of every organisation their boundaries are getting fuzzier and their effectiveness a function of how well they operate inside a network of connected teams, whether in the same organisation or as part of a bigger ecosystem.  It has never been harder for a team to perform at more than the sum of its parts.

The old rules of team effectiveness – small number, cohesive, defined boundaries, complementary skills, clear goals – no longer apply.  Teams are larger, more diverse, temporary, with capability gaps and trust issues.

These big, connected teams need more and better design if they are to get anywhere near their potential.  A vision or purpose that binds people with different organisational, professional and cultural worldviews, a culture of trust, transparency and respect, and participatory processes that engage people and foster interaction.

What we do

  • We use our ‘VITALS Signs’ Collaboration Assessment Framework which includes team self-assessment and discovery conversations to diagnose strengths and hot spots in the team, network, alliance, enterprise or ecosystem.
  • We tailor a development process which heightens individual and collective awareness of the changes needed to function as a high-performing team of teams – especially in relation to Vision, Identity, Trust, Accountability, Leadership, and Structure.
  • We provide world-class facilitation, coaching and guidance, which includes a sequence of customised development interventions and experiences.
  • We typically work with the team ecosystem over a period of three to six months, to track positive movement on each of the VITALS Signs.
  • We provide developmental coaching for the team leader in setting the environment for collaboration, leading beyond authority, and increasing transparency across sub teams.

Client Stories