Developing Enterprise Leadership

As executives transition into enterprise roles it is no longer enough for them to steer people in the direction of their strategies.  When challenges are serious and complex and span the whole organisation, enterprise leaders must be able to harness ideas, people and resources from across all kinds of borders – vertical, horizontal, stakeholder, demographic, geographic.  Collective challenges, by definition, require collaborative solutions.

At enterprise level, leaders recognise that the new business realities are impossible for a single leader to navigate, no matter how smart or charismatic they are.  Enterprise leaders can see the transformation opportunity for the whole enterprise; they have a profound commitment to the long-term health and productivity of people, teams and the whole organisation, as well as to the local and global communities they serve; they reach out across internal and external boundaries to find common ground and mobilise change; they lean into the transformative challenge of growing from knowing and being right to learning and getting it right.

What we do

  • We design development journeys that prepare leaders for a successful transition from business unit or functional roles to leadership of the whole enterprise.
  • Our development journeys address three step changes in mindset and skillset:
      • Leaders are connected with macro social, environmental, technological, geo-political forces, as a preamble to considering alternative futures, and what this means for decision-making in uncertainty.  We call this Step Back.
      • Leaders peer coach each other on personal leadership challenges that have an enterprise level impact.  We call this Step Up.
      • Leaders examine their relationship to power, trust, and control in order to expand their capacity for collaboration and to lead beyond authority.  We call this Step In.
  • Each learning journey is a facilitated action-learning experience that generates profound insights and deep personal change.
  • Learning journeys are a customised blend of:
      •  A blended curriculum which centres on the development of adaptive intelligence, systems thinking, responsible stewardship, and collaborative transformation.
      • A faculty pool of the highest quality contributors comprising business leaders, SMEs, coaches and facilitators who create a learning culture of high challenge-high support.
      • Individual, small group, and cohort ‘balcony’ processes that lifts leaders out of familiar routines and immerses them in wider social, economic, city and environmental ecosystems.
      • Guided reflection processes that deepen participants’ openness and self-awareness to uncover and work on taken-for-granted assumptions, beliefs, perspectives and practices.
      • Group narrative- and personal story-building that creates enterprise leadership identity and purpose.
  • MJA designs, produces, guides, narrates and programme manages the end-to-end enterprise leadership development experience.


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