Developing Next Generation Leaders

Like current and past generations, next generation leaders will need timeless, universal qualities like self-awareness, strategic thinking, communicating authentically, and managing change.  But they must also be ready to adapt to the relentless demands of an increasingly complex and constantly changing world, and equipped to help others adapt.  This requires a shift in how we develop leaders.  We need a new formula, for a new era, that flips old assumptions.  Finding a better balance between developing leaders’ individual capabilities and nurturing the capacity for the collective leadership of teams, groups, networks, alliances and the organisation as a whole.

Mindset will matter as much as skillset and place a premium on curiosity and openness to different ideas and perspectives, mobilizing people behind a meaningful why, creating a psychologically safe environment for effective interdependent action, growing people at every opportunity through feedback and coaching, and embracing inclusivity in all its forms.  Our Next Generation programmes provide a practice-rich space for participants to develop their leadership in a social context.  This means leaning into relational skills like empathy and trust, being able to step back and reflect on how they interact, and knowing how to lead collaboratively across boundaries.

What we do

  • We work with you to pinpoint the next generation leadership capabilities that support long-range workforce planning and organisational development.
  • We apply design thinking to create a learning experience that fosters the next generation capacity for courageous collaboration, cooperative learning, and co-creation.
  • We blend development processes over an extended period of time that include online learning, coaching, workshop intensives, peer learning groups, discovery safaris, and personal and group projects.
  • We combine leadership and leadership development by furnishing a platform of real organisational challenges and opportunities which enable collaboration, ideation, experimentation, and practice.
  • We draw on a wide and deep faculty pool including business leaders, SMEs, coaches, facilitators to deliver a 100% customized experience.
  • We produce, direct, facilitate and programme manage the end-to-end development experience.