Using the Enterprise Action Lab to develop growth leaders

Dentsu adopted the Enterprise Action Lab as the platform for its flagship leadership programme because it wanted to develop growth leaders who collaborate across the firm’s many media brands to create new businesses, new propositions, new customers, new distribution channels and new markets. Cross-business teams were set a goal to create a new revenue stream with minimum profits of £100K by the close of the programme, of which participants were entitled to a share of the value created.

But more fundamental even than revenue growth, EAL was a vehicle for the real growth of leaders in terms of their ability to adapt to an ever-changing context.  The goal of EAL was to expand DAN leaders ability to understand and then shape their world, not simply react to it.  Culturally EAL sought to change the rhythm and narrative of how the global multi-brand, media enterprise operated.  Unlike traditional action learning, the EAL did not stop at recommendations.  At the midpoint teams pitched their ideas to the Board who decided which proposals they would support.  Successful EAL teams converted their ideas into a business model.