Award-Winning Delivery

Traditional executive education-style programs do not prepare executives for the complex challenges they face today and those they will face tomorrow. New business contexts require new learning contexts.

Safe, contained, spaces are the centrepiece of the experience. Launchpads for bold experiments, and incubators of reflection, inquiry, and real talk.

Projects are adaptive not technical and require leaders to collaborate in order to transform the system. Participants reach out across boundaries to mobilise the people closest to the problem, to run experiments, and make courageous choices.

In so doing, leaders examine their assumptions and biases about change, and develop the ability to think and act in more complex, systemic, and adaptive ways.

Step One

Host in-person or virtual spaces for talking, thinking, experimenting and learning together

Step Two

Improvise around evolving issues, deeper questions, patterns and insights

Step Three

Measure the change in individual behaviour and organisational performance